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If you run a company, large department, or technical function, it's clear you're a high performer. But is what it takes to achieve and sustain that level of performance helping or hindering your ability to live life on your terms?

For many high performing executives and entrepreneurs, success is pursued in absolution. This leads to isolation from loved ones, neglect of our physical and mental health, and maybe even a sense that you will not fulfill the legacy you had envisioned for yourself when you set out on this journey.

But you're ambitious. You don't give up.
But continuing to push is becoming harder and more costly than it used to.
Will it at some point become not worth the price?

Let me show you the path to living AND performing. The systems you set up should not result in you feeling like you don't have time to live life or be with those who care about you. With the right clarity to direct you, intentions to orient your mind, habits to reclaim your energy, routines to rectify your productivity, and conversations to influence those around you to join your cause or join your life, you can have both.

There is so much to get fired up about! But along the way we can burn out our mortal fire if we do not tend to those flames. They must be resparked. You are the torch, I am your lighter!

Ultimately, high performance is defined as:
Succeeding beyond standard norms over the long term,
WHILE maintaining health, well being, and relationships.

If any one of those is not cultivated, your system falls out of balance.

This is why I coach legacy driven executives and entrepreneurs how to increase their connection with their mission while creating time for what is important to them along the way as an Executive Coach.

I also coach executive, technical, and professional talent to negotiate their best salary and compensation packages upon offer and while on the job :)


 My name is Aaron Thweatt and I am a passionate believer in your potential. As an Executive Coach and Principal Compensation Consultant, my mission is to connect talent, ambition, and purpose for those intent on achieving their life’s work while feeling engaged and joyful.


Over the last 18 years, I built a successful career spanning financial services, oil and gas, sales and marketing, human resources (compensation), and satellite ground station site acquisition. My specific HR experience of determining executive and broad based compensation for AECOM, Activision Blizzard, and SpaceX exposed me to the inner workings of the individuals and teams accomplishing the most audacious of technical and creative missions.


As founder of Respark Coaching, I combine my experience in Fortune 500 and high growth technology companies with a science backed, proven coaching framework known as Executive Coach. My purpose is to deliver transformation in the six principles of high performance for you; productivity, persuasion, psychology, physiology, purpose, and presence.


I coach executives and entrepreneurs on the mastery of each individual component and the interplay between them to not just overcome your specific challenges but to gain total life transformation and alignment!

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